Meet Lincoln’s Sisfur Lilo

It has been a while since I shared any stories from my fellow special needs cat and good furiend Lincoln. If you are not familiar with this amazing cat, he was found completely paralyzed and unable to move. His human and Tenth Life worked very hard to help him, and now he is a fully mobile and playful feline!

Jacey, Marley, and I had the opportunity to meet Lincoln’s human when she was visiting. We were not happy that the human did not give us enough time to prepare for the visit. We would have worked on our fur tans and groomed each other to look our best!

Lincoln and his human have been working hard with a special needs cat named Lilo. She lived a tough life before she came to Tenth Life and Lincoln’s human. She lost three of her siblings to a sudden viral infection suspected to be distemper. And Lilo spent a lot of time with the humans in white coats herself to overcome this disease.

My Fellow Special Needs Cat Lilo
My Fellow Special Needs Cat Lilo

This is in addition to her being born with bent front paws that look like chicken wings. Her condition makes it difficult for her to move around as well as she would like, but she has managed to overcome some of the challenges it presents. She managed to hop onto the couch yesterday, and Lincoln and his human were very happy.

My fellow special needs cat has some even better news to share. Once she is fully cleared, she will go to a good home! You see, a friend of Lincoln and his human visited their home and saw Lilo. They fell in love with her, and they want to give her a good home.

Lilo’s life has improved in so many ways in such a short time. I am very glad she will be able to go to a good home and that she beat the virus that almost took her life.

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