November 8 Blood Sugar Levels

Good morning, kind humans. I hope you enjoyed the weekend. It was a good weekend for me. I got to relax and enjoy the nice weather and Jacey and I worked on our fur tans. We both went outside to nom on some plants. We decided to be nice to the human this time, because as usual, after nomming on the plants, we vomited. But instead of doing it when we were back inside, we did it outside.

Jacey and I Worked on Our Fur Tans
Jacey and I Worked on Our Fur Tans

The human does not understand why we felines like to nom on plants even though it makes us vomit. This will be our little secret for now. But if we do it on the balcony, the human does not mind so much.

Jacey and I Did This
Jacey and I Did This

The important thing is that the humans in white coats have told the human that it is harmless for us to do this. It is annoying and puzzling to him, but he does not get too upset because he knows we are not doing anything harmful.

It also did not seem to affect my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar readings were pretty much the same as last week. They averaged 162, versus last week’s 168. That is not a big difference at all, and either average is fine.

As long as my blood sugar readings stay around that level, they are safe. I will not suffer the dangerous effects of hypoglycemia, nor will my blood sugar readings be so high that they start to cause complications from diabetes.

That means, furiends, that it was a good week for me. I got to enjoy the nice weather, worked on my fur tan, annoyed the human, and then on top of it, my blood sugar readings were in good shape. That is a good combination of things!

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