Dakota The Kitten Needs Surgery

I do not know how evil a human has to be in order to throw adorable kittens into the trash. These tiny felines are defenseless and need help, and putting them in the trash shows a complete disregard for life which angers me.

That is what happened to three tiny felines. Dakota, Theo, and a deceased sibling were thrown into the trash. Fortunately, a kind human saw them, and brought them to the cat rescue group Purrfect Pals. Here, the felines were seen by white coated humans. They were cleaned and treated, and then when they were released they started to purr.

Tiny Felines Dakota and Theo
Tiny Felines Dakota and Theo

Purrfect Pals is committed to finding good homes for Theo and Dakota, and making this a happy cat rescue story. But before that can happen, Dakota needs help. You see, because Theo and Dakota were so young, Theo started to nurse on his brother. Very young tiny felines will suckle on just about anything. Unfortunately for Dakota, Theo started to suckle on his penis.

Do not blame Theo for doing this. He did not know any better. Very young tiny felines suckle on just about anything, hoping to get noms from their mother. But even though Theo is not responsible for his actions, they caused some harm to his brother.

Dakota’s penis has a hole where it shouldn’t be, and surprisingly, he struggles to urinate. Not surprisingly, he is in a lot of pain and he also has developed an infection. Poor Dakota needs surgery to repair the hole, clean up the scar tissue, and repair other damage. Without this surgery, his cat rescue will end with him leaving us.

Purrfect Pals is committed to seeing this cat rescue through, but they need many green paper things to do this. Please help tiny feline Dakota get to live a good life by contributing if you can. If you cannot, please share his story so that others can.

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