A Beautiful Mystery Cat is Rescued

A cat rescue is always a happy thing. When one of my fellow felines is able to go from a dangerous situation to one where they are cared for and loved, it is always something to celebrate. And sometimes, it is funny how a feline can work its way into the hearts of even humans in white coats, who see many felines and canines!

In the middle of the summer, before it got too hot, a human walked into a clinic and asked what the staff were going to do about “that cat.” One of the humans working there said, “what cat?”

The cat right outside the door was the response, and the staff member walked to the front door to see what was going on. Little did they know that this short walk was going to be the beginning of a very unusual cat rescue.

Outside the door was a skinny grey cat who had suffered hair loss. This feline looked right at the human who would begin the cat rescue, acting as if she belonged there. Her head was slightly tilted, but other than that and the hair loss, she looked perfectly normal.

This is One Smart Cat
This is One Smart Cat

Figuring the feline was a member of the feral colony that was nearby, this human opened the door to see if she would run back to the colony. Instead of running away, this feline knew that she was in the right place. She walked toward the human, and head bonked them.

The human immediately took the feline to the treatment room, and the staff that had been vaccinated for rabies examined her. She was treated, and after being quarantined for rabies, she became the hospital cat. The once tiny four pound cat has put on weight and now she is a 7.5 pound playful hospital cat.

The cat rescue has not yet been completed, because she does not have a home, but the humans in the clinic are very happy she came to the right door.

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