December 6 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope you humans had a good weekend. The human was motivated to do some more building after Jacey and I endorsed the cat furniture he built. But as it typical, he did something wrong, because Jacey and I heard him shout ow and then some words which we will not repeat here.

Jacey and I Did This to the Human
Jacey and I Did This to the Human

We went to see what went wrong, and he was cleaning up a scratch on his knee. Apparently, he bumped his knee on the wall and scratched it. Jacey and I walked away laughing because we just do not know how humans can be so clumsy and we find it very amusing.

You humans have a saying that laughter is the best medicine and it might be true, because laughing at the human caused my blood sugar readings to go down this week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 209, which is lower than the 224 we saw last week.

That is not quite as low as we like it, but it is not too bad either. It is well below the blood sugar levels where complications will occur if they remain there for too long. And we also did not see any situations where hypoglycemia was a risk. The overall reading may not be where we like it, but overall that is a good week.

We do have one problem, though. I am running very low on insulin. You see, the humans in white coats wrote a note to the pharmacy that told them to give the human insulin, and it has expired. Because of this, it takes longer for the insulin to be refilled and that is what has happened here.

Hopefully the note gets to the pharmacy before I run out of insulin. It is quite amusing to watch the clumsy human try to extract every last drop of insulin from the vial, but if there is no more left, that will not be good.

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