Animal Abuser Jailed for 28 Years

You kind humans know that I am a big advocate for punishing evil and cruel humans who commit acts of animal abuse. Sometimes, when the human gives me medicine or the humans in white coats do tests on me, I inflict my own punishment on them but they are not really abusing me.

One cruel human tortured and killed a dog and laughed about it. A recording of this surfaced and this cruel and evil human was arrested by the humans in badges and he was charged with animal abuse. Later, it was learned he had done this to a total of seven dogs.

Now, furiends, many times, humans who are charged with animal abuse do not spend too much time in a cage like they should. The humans with badges and the humans in robes do not have the resources they need to successfully send all animal abusers to jail. Sometimes, those of us who have no tolerance for animal abusers have to settle for them paying lots of green paper things and never being allowed to have animals in their home.

But in this case, the torture and abuse was so horrific that the robe wearing human decided to make sure the evil human paid a high price for his crime.

Animal Abuser Gets 28 Year Sentence
Animal Abuser Gets 28 Year Sentence

The cruel and evil human who killed the seven canines after torturing them will spend the next 28 years of his life in a cage where he can think about why he was so wrong to commit that crime. I do not know what will happen to him when he is in that cage, but I have a feeling that many humans who do not condone animal abuse will want to do things to him that he does not like.

I am glad this evil human will pay for his crime, but this is a reminder that we all must always work very hard to make sure that animal abuse is never tolerated and always reported to the humans with badges!

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