Humans do Yoga with Cats

“Human, Jacey and I need to talk to you. It is good that you humans are trying to become more flexible but we are afraid that if you do it around felines like us, you will never be as good. ┬áThen you will feel bad.”

“Why do you bring this up, Bagheera?”

“Jacey and I heard that at the place where you took us and where you send cats to their furever homes, you held a yoga class. You even called it Cats on Mats!”

A Feline Helping with Yoga at The Cat Cafe
A Feline Helping with Yoga at The Cat Cafe

“That’s because lots of humans like cats, Bagheera. And they like doing yoga. So we decided to combine the two at The Cat Cafe and let people do two things they enjoy — spending time with adoptable cats and doing yoga.”

“Human, why do you have to keep doing things to make sure you stay flexible? Do not think Bagheera and I are being insulting, but you humans are just not very flexible. Even an old feline is much more flexible than a young human!”

“That lack of flexibility is why we need to make sure we do things like yoga, Jacey. We lose it as we age, just like you cats do. And we start at a less flexible point so it is important to do things like yoga.”

“What did the felines at The Cat Cafe think about you humans doing yoga?”

A Feline Shows a Human how to Relax at The Cat Cafe
A Feline Shows a Human how to Relax at The Cat Cafe

“They liked it! They came over to say hello to many of the people doing yoga. It was quite cute. Maybe we will bring you and Bagheera to The Cat Cafe next time and you can comment on the people doing yoga.”

“I can not speak for Jacey, human but do not even think of bringing me there. You remember what happened the last time I was there. I did not like it at all and I let you know. Do I have to remind you by giving you another wound?”

“Bagheera, calm down. The human just wants us to have fun with other humans. Remember when I went to The Cat Cafe with you last time? I got to run around, climb up and down shelves, and got to annoy the human by jumping into the office! It was fun!”

“For you, Jacey. Not for me.”

“Relax, guys. We have enough kitties that you don’t have to come. But I think you would enjoy it, Jacey.”

“You can take Jacey, but not me, human!”

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One Reply to “Humans do Yoga with Cats”

  1. Clove and Kaspars are with you Bagheera- they would not like traveling to the cafe, but they do think it is a pawesome idea the human had to have a Yoga and Cats class. We have read of more and more cat cafes doing activities like this to encourage attendance of humans so they can meet the wonderful kitties in need of homes. I hope it becomes a regular activity and leads to some forever connections between a cat and human.
    I only WISH I were as flexible as you kitties, you definitely have we humans beat when it comes to that. We can always try and hope to be as good though, can’t we?!

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