Cat Rescue Surrenders Animals

I love humans who try to help us felines. But sometimes, humans take on more than they can handle and get overwhelmed. That is what happened with the Sugar Bear Dog and Cat Rescue near Cincinnati.

These humans have been rescuing canines and felines for over 20 years, but lately, there was just too much demand for their help. They had 166 animals on their property, which is just too many. Because of this, humans with badges came to their home and removed these animals from their property.

One of the Canines Pulled from Sugar Bear Dog and Cat Rescue
One of the Canines Pulled from Sugar Bear Dog and Cat Rescue

Explaining why they did this, the humans in charge of Sugar Bear Dog and Cat Rescue said that they had “a soft heart for the down and out.” With so many animal rescue groups full and unable to take in animals, these humans took in more animals than they could handle.

Irresponsible humans were dropping off animals on a weekly basis and leaving. This is wrong, furiends. Humans should care for felines and canines for their entire lives unless there is an emergency that requires them to be surrendered.

Working seven days a week, and using donated food and deer carcasses, these humans did what they could. It simply was too much for only two humans to handle. And this is why some of the felines and canine at the home were malnourished, sick, and injured.

These humans are hoping to be able to keep the five canines that are their personal pets. One of the humans in robes said that the health department needed to inspect the home, and once that was done, they may be able to get the canines back. For the other 161 animals, they on track to be adopted.

The humans behind this animal rescue group will likely face charges for animal cruelty. This is a sad story because it is clear they wanted to help, but they got overwhelmed.

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