Smurf Saved After Being Abused

I do not know why there are evil humans who abuse and torture animals. Animal abuse is always wrong, and some of the ways that humans carry it out are truly ridiculous.

A tiny kitten was the victim of a horrible and ridiculous kind of animal abuse. He was dyed purple, and then used as a chew toy for a canine who did not know any better. The poor feline was found in a box on a roadway, along with rags and lemon slices. Smurf, as this feline has been named, also had 20 deep canine puncture wounds.

According to one of the humans in white coats, Smurf “was used as a chew toy…he was pretty badly injured.”

Smurf is Recovering from Animal Abuse
Smurf is Recovering from Animal Abuse

Smurf underwent emergency surgery, and he seems to have pulled through the surgery quite well. However, his recovery may take many weeks. And the humans in white coats say they will not adopt him out, no matter how many people ask, until his fur grows out and the purple dye goes away.

“Only Smurf could tell us what really happened, as far as the wounds go. But it is typical lacerations, puncture wounds, and such. And so there’s lots of people out there who do awful things,” said one of the team who operated on Smurf.

Smurf has been paired with a blind feline at Nine Lives Foundation. The two of them get along very well and they are quickly becoming inseparable. Smurf helps the blind feline, who is known as Wanda, and you can see him giving her a massage. If you listen closely, you can hear them purring!

It is very clear that the horrible abuse Smurf suffered from did not stop his ability to love other animals, and to care for them. This is good and I am hopeful he and Wanda will be adopted together when the time comes.

I am glad that Smurf is recovering from the animal abuse he suffered from. But furiends, his story reminds us that we can never cease being vigilant against animal abuse. We must call the humans with badges when we see it, and we must work very hard to prevent it

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