Anakin Needs Healing Thoughts

One of my favorite fellow special needs cats is Anakin the Two Legged Cat. This brave boy was born without hind legs. He does not even have hips where most felines do. But that does not stop him, because he does not miss what he never had. Instead, as his human says, he is full of love and life.

Not surprisingly, not having hind legs presents some challenges for Anakin. One of the things that my fellow special needs cat must contend with is dealing with a potential mess whenever he goes to the bathroom. Without hind legs, Anakin cannot hold as steady as felines with four legs can. And that means, sometimes, when the goes to the bathroom, things get messy.

That is what happened to Anakin recently. He had a messy session in the litter box, and some of it got onto his urinary tract. Because of this, he got an urinary tract infection, and he needed to be treated for it.

Anakin went to the humans in white coats, and they gave him some medication and probiotics. He will have to take these medicines for two weeks, and then he will go to the humans in white coats again.

Poor Anakin hates going to the humans in white coats, and he shows it in a different way than I do. I do not complain much, but when the humans in white coats annoy me, I will let them know. Sometimes, it takes three of them to get me under control enough to take a blood sample!

Special Needs Cat Anakin Going to the Humans in White Coats
Special Needs Cat Anakin Going to the Humans in White Coats

But Anakin, because he is nicer than me, does not do this. Instead, he gets very scared. He got so scared that he messed himself. The humans in white coats cleaned it up, and tested it for any infections or parasites. Fortunately, it did not have any.

I am glad that my fellow special needs cat is getting the care from his humans that he needs to recover. I am sad that he is suffering, and send him healing thoughts!

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