January 24 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I told you about the cat show that the human went to. He told me what the humans judging the show do to the felines there, and to me, it sounded like a visit to the humans in white coats! They lift up and examine ears, poke cats, and stretch them out. It is a good thing the human did not take me to the show or I would have had to inflict some harm on the judges!

A Cat Being Judged at a Cat Show
A Cat Being Judged at a Cat Show

It also would have been bad for my blood sugar readings. And on top of that, the humans running this show would not have allowed Jacey and I to enter because they say we bengals are wild cats and we can be dangerous! Any judge who says that deserves a good swat!

Speaking of my blood sugar readings, it is time to tell you all about those. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 213, which is about what they were last week. Last week, they were 209.

These levels are higher than we like, but they are not too bad. If we can maintain them here, over the long term, I will be okay and will not develop any of the complications of unmanaged feline diabetes.

While the overall readings were okay, we did not like some of the readings that we saw this week. There were some where my blood sugar levels were just too low. And then, the human, instead of waiting until the next dosing time and seeing a high reading, took additional tests. Then he was able to give me an insulin shot when my blood sugar climbed to a safe point.

These are some of the challenges that a diabetic cat like me must deal with. But it is okay. The human is committed to making sure I live a happy and healthy life, and with the exception of the pancreatitis flareup I dealt with last year, that is what I’ve been doing despite being diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

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