Meet Special Needs Cat Roo

Roo has lived a tough life. First, he was put in a trash bag and thrown into a lake, but a kind human saved him from drowning. He was likely thrown into the lake because my fellow special needs cat was born with abnormalities and the human who was supposed to care for him did not want to try.

He was taken to Florida Humane Society, and adopted out as a kitten. That should have been the last part of the story, but sadly, these humans were not kind to Roo. They were better humans than the first one Roo encountered, because they returned him to Florida Humane Society.

It was clear that Roo was not taken care of when he was with them. He was underweight and he was missing patches of fur, which means that they did not give him enough noms and they did not care that he was stressed because of this. I would not call what they did abuse. I would say it is neglect, which is just as wrong.

Roo spent six months at Florida Humane Society until a kind human came along and fell in love with him. They saw past his bent front legs, his abnormally large hind legs, crossed eyes, big ears, and crooked tail. The saw a feline who wanted to be loved and who had a lot of love to give to the right human.

Special Needs Cat Roo Before and After Being Loved
Special Needs Cat Roo Before and After Being Loved

Not surprisingly, Roo, having been neglected for so long, was skittish when he first went home with these humans. But they were devoted to giving this special needs cat the love and attention he deserved. And he has thrived, changing into an affectionate and loving feline who cannot wait to hop into his human’s lap. He shows his love for them with loud purrs.

I am glad there were humans who were kind enough to give Roo the loving home he deserves. He is another example of how special needs cats may have some challenges but these challenges do not have anything to do with their ability to love those who treat them well.

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