January 31 Blood Sugar Readings

Before I tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week, I will tell you what I know about my fellow special needs cat Anakin and his condition. His human said that the humans in white coats think that is is doing well and that his condition is not getting any worse. Anakin may be able to go home in the next day or two.

Anakin at the Emergency Vet
Anakin at the Emergency Vet

And all of you kind humans were able to give enough green paper things so that Anakin’s humans will have a much easier time paying for his treatment. This is all good news, but we need to continue to send healing thoughts to Anakin.

I could use your healing thoughts, too, because my blood sugar levels were not where we wanted them to be this week. For the week, they averaged 231, which is higher than last week’s 213. This is also too close to the 250 level which we want to avoid because that is where complications can occur if my blood sugar remains there for too long.

The human and I do not know why my blood sugar levels have climbed so much higher recently. I am eating the same noms I always eat, and my dosing levels are the same. But my glucose readings have climbed, and neither the human nor I like it.

This is the challenge of dealing with feline diabetes. The only thing the human and I can do is to continue to monitor my blood sugar readings to see what happens and if it makes sense to increase my insulin dose. We do not want to do this too quickly, because we did have good control for a while.

I am glad I have a human who I know will continue to work hard at keeping my blood sugar levels under control. Let’s hope that it works, and let’s also hope that Anakin recovers!

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