Anakin Is Doing Much Better

I bring you good news about my fellow special needs cat Anakin. You will remember that I told you that he was sick, and he had to go to the humans in white coats. His human was very concerned, just like all of us were. Anakin spent a few days at the emergency vet, but he did better, and he was able to go home.

He was given medication, and the best medication was to  be at home with his humans so that he could enjoy their love. And that seems to have done some good.

Special Needs Cat Anakin Wearing the Cone of Shame
Anakin Wearing the Cone of Shame

Anakin is still wearing the cone of shame, because he cannot be allowed to lick his hindquarters. The humans in white coats gave him some in order to make sure that any infection gets treated. They also taped up his feather duster of a tail, to make sure it didn’t get anything on it.

Well, Anakin has made much progress, and he was able to go to the bathroom on his own today. He took longer than he normally does, because he still is sore around that area. But he was able to go to the bathroom.

And the humans in white coats said that my fellow special needs cat could have the wrapping around his tail removed. That made Anakin a lot happier.

What does not make Anakin happy is having the ointment applied to his hindquarters. His human has to sneak up on him when he is distracted in order to applying the ointment, and Anakin still does not like it.

What is surprising is that my fellow special needs cat does not mind the cone of shame! I figured that would be something that really annoyed him, but Anakin gets around fine with it and even climbs things with it around. He also does not have a problem sleeping with it.

I am glad to hear that Anakin is doing so much better, and I hope that the cone of shame goes away soon!

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