February 7 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. It is time for me to share with you my blood sugar readings for the week. I know that many of you were concerned about these because they were higher than we like. Things seem to be better now, and I will tell you all about my glucose levels in a minute.

First, though I want to share with you something funny Jacey and I did to the human. He was using the vacuum cleaner to make the house cleaner, but we did not like it. We figured out that by pulling the cord out of the wall, we could get that annoying noisy machine to be quiet.

The first time we did this, the human thought he had pulled too hard on the cord and it came out on its own. Then it happened a second time, and he was confused. The third time, he caught Jacey in the act and told her to stop. She ran away because she had been caught doing something bad, but she and I shared a good laugh later.


The human muttered something about the bad part of having intelligent cats in his home and finished cleaning. We are glad that we managed to make things entertaining!

My blood sugar readings also put a smile on my face. They are much better than last week! This week, my blood sugar readings averaged 151, which is much better than the 231 we saw last week. I am happy with these readings and hope that we will be able to keep them around this level.

I hope that Jacey and my antics and my blood sugar readings have put a smile on your face this morning. I will update you on them next week, and hopefully I will have an amusing story to share with you about what Jacey and I did.

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