A Happy Story from Tenth Life

Tenth Life does so much good for felines in the St. Louis area. They take on cases that other cat rescue groups cannot handle, such as my good furiend Lincoln‘s case. This formerly paralyzed feline is now a happy and playful and fully mobile cat enjoying a very happy life.

Recently, a human who had to surrender her cat visited the cat rescue, asking about a feline who she knew made his way to Tenth Life. Boots, this human said, had been transferred to Tenth Life, and they wanted to know what happened to Boots.

The name was unfamiliar to the person who was answering the question, so they asked for more information. When the picture was shown, the human at Tenth Life realized that it was the cat they had fostered. He had been renamed Olio and that is why they did not recognize the name.

Olio, you see, had been surrendered and the facility did not have the resources to give him the surgery he needed to correct his medical condition. He had a hernia, which was causing him to have problems breathing. Tenth Life is a cat rescue that specializes in cases like this, and because of them, he got the surgery he needed.

Olio’s sugery was successful, and he went to a foster home to recover. He was a very loving and sweet cat when he was in the foster home, and he recovered even more quickly than the humans in white coats thought he could. Soon, he was able to find a good home to call his own.

Oilo's Cat Rescue Story Was Possible Because of a Foster
Oilo’s Cat Rescue Story Was Possible Because of a Foster

No cat rescue can do its good work without many foster homes, and Tenth Life is no different. Olio’s story, which made the visitor very happy, was only possible because they had a foster that could take Olio in during his recovery period.

You may not be able to be a foster for Tenth Life, because they are not close to where you live. But you can become a foster for a cat rescue group near you. It is something you should think about doing if you can because you will save many felines!

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