February 21 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope you enjoyed hearing Koji speak with you yesterday. He is continuing to settle in, and while there have been some arguments between me, him, and Jacey, it is getting better. We did not have a repeat of him ambushing me and me getting very irritated about it.

One thing that he will have to learn to do if he wants to stay on the good side of me and Jacey is to share the human. When the human went to go to sleep last night, Koji immediately took the prime snuggling spot on the left of the human’s body. Jacey was able to take her spot, by the human’s right arm, but I was not able to get to my spot on the left side of his head without getting too close to Koji.

Koji and I Got Into An Argument Like This
Koji and I Got Into An Argument Like This

I did not like this and told Koji, and the human pulled the covers over his head because he was worried that he would get swatted by one of us during the argument!

This does not seem to be having too much of an effect on my blood sugar levels, though. In fact, they got a little better, dropping from 178 to 152. You will notice a few missing spots in my readings. That is because the human was unable to get a good blood sample when he went to check my blood sugar. It is okay, though. It is like when he goes away for a few days and someone else just gives me my standard dose.

We are low on blood sugar testing strips, so the human is hoping more arrive soon. Again, it is not too much of a problem if we do not get them right away and miss a test or two. He knows what dose works best for me and we are sticking with that.

I will update you on my blood readings next week. Hopefully the human can come out of hiding at night because Koji and I will stop arguing!

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