Meet Michigan Cat Rescue’s Apollo

Michigan Cat Rescue is a small group that does a lot of good for many felines. I wanted to share with you the story of Apollo, who is a feline they saved from a bad situation.

Apollo was surrendered to a high kill shelter when his human went into a nursing home where felines are not allowed. I do not understand why nursing homes do not allow felines, because we can be very good at helping humans cope with difficult situations! But this one did not allow us.

Soon after arriving at the shelter, Apollo suffered a severe eye infection. Michigan Cat Rescue was able to take him out of the shelter to get him the medical attention he needed. Apollo lost his eye as a result of the infection.

Michigan Cat Rescue Is Seeking a Home for Apollo
Michigan Cat Rescue Is Seeking a Home for Apollo

Apollo is a handsome boy. His one blue eye is very striking, as is the rest of his coloration. He is a Siamese lynx point mix and he looks good. And he’s got a permawink now to make him look even more interesting!

Apollo is seven years old, and he is up to date on all of his shots. He is free of FIV and FeLV, and he is also front paw declawed. This means he has to be an indoor only cat. Furiends, I know that you believe like I do that declawing felines is a horrible and barbaric practice, but that is something has already been done to Apollo so we should not focus on it.

We should instead focus on getting Apollo the home he desperately needs. He is a good and loving cat who deserves to spend the rest of his years in a home where he can be treated well. He is a feline who will need a calm and relaxed home, so he would not be good in a house full of bengals like mine!

Apollo Relaxing
Apollo Relaxing

If you have a calm home where Apollo would do well and you are close to Michigan Cat Rescue, please fill out their adoption form. And if you cannot give this feline a good home, please share his story so that others can!


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