Katzelein Saved By Kind Humans

Furiends, a beloved cat was about to end up on the street after her human was evicted from her home and sent to a nursing home due to dementia. Because this human was unable to care for herself, much less a feline, that feline was at risk of being left to fend for herself after losing the only home she ever knew.

Fortunately, some neighbors saw Katzelein, as this feline is known, and saw a carrier to put her in. They then went looking to see if someone could help this poor cat. As it turned out, one of the places they visited was the white coated human that Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming goes to when one of their felines needs medical care.

Katzelein Was Helped By Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Katzelein Was Helped By Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming

Katzelein was in dire need of help. She had spent all seven of her years with her human, who she had lost. And while the humans in white coats could help with her for a while, she needed to be in a foster or furever home, not a cage. That is all the humans in white coats could provide and they could only do it for a short time.

They really wanted to help Katzelein, because they said she is an angel and a beautiful mix of Siamese and grey tabby. And because the white coated humans had cared for her previously, they knew that she was healthy.

Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming spread the word about Katzelein, looking for someone who would either adopt this pretty girl or give her a foster home until a furever home was found for her. And their efforts paid off, as an emergency foster came through.

And Katzelein will hopefully be going to a new furever home soon. A human who heard about her contacted Magnifcat Cat Rescue and Rehoming and submitted an application for adoption. They will do a home check in the next few days, and if that goes well, Katzelein will head to her new home.

I am very happy that some kind humans cared enough to perform a cat rescue and that Magnificat was able to step in to complete it!

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