March 13 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. It is now time to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the last week. I wanted to also let you know that things are getting much better between Jacey, Koji, and me. Jacey is being very silly with Koji. Yesterday, Koji was sitting on the desk where the catputer is. She came over to sniff his hindquarters, and Koji was fine with her doing this. But then, she growled at him and Koji, the human, and I were confused!

It did not make any sense to us that Jacey would go over to investigate Koji but then decide that she would growl at him. But then, we are boys, so we do not understand the mind of a girl like Jacey!

Jacey's Actions Make Koji and Me Do This
Jacey’s Actions Make Koji and Me Do This

I told you last week that my blood sugar readings were higher than we would like, although they were still below the levels where complications will occur over the long term. We were hoping that they would be lower this week. And they were, but not by much.

For this week, my blood sugar levels averaged 230, which is pretty much the same as last week when they averaged 231. This is still above the 200 level where we would like to see my blood sugar levels, but it is also still below the 250 level that is the threshold for long term problems.

I do not like being so close to the threshold, but it is important to remember that if my blood sugar levels remain at this level, it will not be a problem. I know the human will continue to work hard to keep them below the danger threshold and to see if we can get them under better control.

Hopefully, furiends, I will have better news about my blood sugar levels next week. Until then, I will have to amuse myself by watching Jacey act in strange ways!

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