March 20 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The human was very busy so we did not get to harass him as much as we liked. And because he was not here as much, when he was here, all three of us bengals wanted to interact with him. That meant that sometimes, if Koji got closer to Jacey than she wanted, she would growl at him. Then I would step in to tell Koji to get away, and the human would get exasperated at us.

Koji, Jacey and I did this to Each Other
Koji, Jacey and I did this to Each Other

But the human knew this is what he should have expected with three bengal cats in the home. There were going to be arguments and little scuffles. And there have been but he tolerates them. He has to, because we are all bonded closely to him.

One thing that should make the human happy is that my blood sugar readings are a lot better. I told you that we did not like seeing them so close to the 250 threshold where problems can occur over the long term. Well, this week, they were not close to that level.

For the week ending March 20, my blood sugar readings averaged 187. This is a lot better than the 230 that we saw the week before. I do not know if this is because I am more used to having Koji around. It could also be because I have to be more active, making sure he does not annoy Jacey too much. Or it could be just due to random fluctuations that we must accept when we try to control my blood sugar with insulin.

Whatever the reason, I am hopeful that my blood sugar levels will stay at a better level this week. I will let you know all about them next Monday. Hopefully, all of you kind humans and I will have a fun time until then!

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