Archie Adopted After 13 Years

I recently shared with you the story of a feline who has been in a cat rescue facility for 21 years. Furiends, it is likely that will be her furever home, and that is okay. Now, I will share with you the story of a feline who found a home after 13 years.

Archie with the Furiend Who Helped Him Find a Furever Home
Archie with the Furiend Who Helped Him Find a Furever Home

Archie arrived at Mid Hudson Animal Aid 13 years ago as a tiny feline. He became furiends with other felines, socialized tiny felines, and helped other cats adjust to life in the shelter. And then he watched as his feline furiends went home time and again.

Do not think the humans who adopted Archie’s furiends were being mean to him. You see, part of it was because of Archie’s purrsonality. Archie is semi-feral, and he does not like you two legged creatures. When he sees one of you, his instinct is to hide.

A human who adopted one of Archie’s furiends learned that he had been at the cat rescue facility his entire life. When that human learned that Archie had been there for 13 years, they took to social media with a post from the feline they adopted. They had their feline ask Santa to help Archie find a furever home.

A kind human who lives in Chicago heard about this, and waited to see if someone closer to Archie, who was in New York, would adopt him. When it did not happen, this kind human, who has 14 cats and knows how to handle feral cats, contacted Mid Hudson Animal Aid and told them Archie had a home in Chicago waiting for him.

Archie in His New Home
Archie in His New Home

Now all that was needed was a way to get Archie to Chicago. And many kind humans helped with a transport to take Archie to his new home. Initially, a goal of $750 was set to cover expenses but so many kind humans helped that an additional $250 was sent to Mid Hudson Animal Aid.

Archie is now in his new home in Chicago. He is settling in, and while he may never become a cuddly lap cat for his human, they do not mind. “He has to develop trust, and I want him to know that this relationship is about his safety and creature comforts,” said his human.

It does not seem like Archie minded living in the cat rescue facility, but I think it is even better that he now has a place he can call home.

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