April 10 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans! It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. It was rainy over the past few days, and Jacey, Koji, and I did not like this. We could not work on our fur tans! I am not angry about this, though, because the human told me that we need the rain. And today, it is nice and sunny again, so we can work on our fur tans!

It is Fur Tan Time for This Feline
It is Fur Tan Time for This Feline

Jacey and Koji are getting along better and better, which helped keep things calmer. I did not have to step in and yowl at Koji. Jacey growling at him seems to be enough to get him to leave her alone.

And I saw Jacey investigating Koji’s hindquarters once. Of course, when he turned around, she yelled at him and hissed, but that was her fault. She cannot sniff Koji and not expect him to turn around!

My blood sugar readings for the week did not make me want to growl and hiss, but they are not as good as they were last week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 211. This is higher than what we saw last week, when they averaged 173.

The human and I do not like it when my blood sugar readings go above 200, but it is important to remember that even if they are where they are now, they are still considered in the safe range. They are far below a level where over time, dangerous things can occur due to elevated blood sugar.

This is what diabetic cats and the humans who care for them must deal with. It is sometimes very difficult to control the blood sugar of a diabetic cat, and if there are little bumps in the road, both the human and feline must accept them. I am hopeful that there will be better news for you about my blood sugar next week.

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