Blood Sugar Readings for April 17

Hello, furiends. I am sorry I did not tell you about my blood sugar readings yesterday. This is because the human was using the catputer to do something called taxes. I do not know what these are, but he was not happy when Jacey, Koji, and I attempted to help.

Speaking of Koji, we are going to have to start the introduction process all over again. Koji is going to have to go into the bathroom by himself, and Jacey and I will have the rest of the house. We will slowly allow Koji to integrate in with us, because he is getting too aggressive with Jacey. Poor Jacey is hiding in the closet and she is afraid to even use the litter box!

Koji Is Doing Too Much of This with Jacey
Koji Is Doing Too Much of This with Jacey

The human and I are hopeful that this will help Koji learn his boundaries and it will allow Jacey to enjoy herself instead of having to hide. And I will always have my sisfur’s back, but I hope I do not have to pounce on Koji so that Jacey can escape like I had to the other night.

All of this does not seem to have affected my blood sugar levels in a bad way, though. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 186. This is better than last week, when the average was 211.

We only had one really bad reading, when my blood sugar came in at 502. I think this is because the human did not properly inject me, and most of the insulin got into my fur. But after that reading, we saw my blood sugar get back down to good levels as the insulin doses took effect.

I am hopeful that my blood sugar levels will continue to stay under control. I know the human will work hard on this. I am also hopeful that starting the introduction process all over again with Koji will make things better.

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