Michigan Cat Rescue Helps Kitten

Furiends, I was a tiny feline when the human decided that I was his cat and I decided that he would be my human. But even then, I was not as small as a feline that Michigan Cat Rescue saved. Her story is one that should make you happy, knowing that there are humans who care enough about us felines to do the things that mother cats do.

Tiny Feline Loa Is Being Helped By Michigan Cat Rescue
Tiny Feline Loa Is Being Helped By Michigan Cat Rescue

You see, Loa was found by Michigan Cat Rescue when she was very young. She was so young that she needed to be given noms around the clock and she also needed help relieving herself. The human is a dedicated one, but I know he would not be able to do this.

But Michigan Cat Rescue was, and that is why they are nursing this tiny feline to health and helping her grow up. She is a very cute feline, and she will grow up to become a very pretty cat.

Little Loa is Growing Every Day
Little Loa is Growing Every Day

Some humans think she is so cute that they want to adopt her already. She is not ready for this, because she still needs a lot of help! But that is okay, because it is good for her to have lots of people interested in her. That means when the time comes, Michigan Cat Rescue will have lots of people who are willing to take her home.

Michigan Cat Rescue can use some help with the green paper things that are needed to take good care of Loa. If you have some green paper things to send their way, please do. And if you are close to them and want to adopt Loa or some of the other felines they have available, let them know!

I am glad that there are organizations like this one who help my fellow felines and I know that Loa is happy as well!

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