Four Tiny Felines Need Homes

Remember when I shared the story of Spirit, A Blind Cat and her journey across the country with her human to find homes for felines? Well, furiends, Spirit and her human are continuing to devote themselves to helping other felines.

Spirit Is Trying to Help Other Felines
Spirit Is Trying to Help Other Felines

Recently, Spirit and her human came across a feline named Sweet Pea, who was pregnant. They rescued her, and she has now given birth to six kittens, four of which are manx cats. These felines do not have a tail. I do not know how they manage to be like you humans and get through life without a tail, but they do. All of the manx cats and one with a tail are orange felines, and one of them is a silver tabby.

They are located in College Station, Texas. Two of these felines have found homes, but the mother and four of the tiny felines need these. One of the felines has a problem urinating when he should not and will likely need a diaper to keep from making a mess.

Do not worry about this feline, furiends, if you think that they might make a good addition to your family. Other than the bladder control issue, this feline is furiendly and healthy. He just cannot control his bladder and will have to wear a diaper or be in a place where that is not a problem.

Spirit and her human estimate the mother cat to be around one year of age. The kittens are twelve weeks old, and they are wonderful felines. The mother is very patient and loving, and because of Spirit’s fans, humans who wish to adopt these felines may be able to get help transporting the cats to their location.

If you are interested in adopting one of these felines, please contact Spirit’s human. And if you cannot take one of these cute felines home, please share their story so that someone can.

It is always a good day when a feline goes to a good home, furiends. Let’s see if we can help Spirit make that happen for these cats!

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