Human Adopts Parking Lot Cat

We felines find our ways to good homes in many different ways. Sometimes, we just know when a human is going to take good care of us. And sometimes, our journey is a little more complicated.

A feline named Cruiser came into a kind human’s life in a more complicated way. You see, this human had a full family. With two tiny humans and a grown human in the home in addition to them, the house was pretty full. But they talked to the other grown human, and asked if they could adopt a tiny feline who one of their coworkers was fostering.

The other grown human in the home agreed. And they were all set to adopt the tiny feline, but they learned that it had already been adopted. They were glad that this tiny feline found a home, but they were disappointed that they were not going to be the one who did it.

Cruiser Found a Home in an Unusual Way
Cruiser Found a Home in an Unusual Way

But then they learned that a place where the humans in white coats work had another feline that was available to adopt. They talked things over with the other grown human once again, and they decided to adopt this cat sight unseen.

When they arrived to where the humans in white coats work, they were nervous. They did not know what to expect. And when their new feline arrived, they were stunned. He was a big boy, so large he could not fit into a normal carrier!

This human did not care, and adopted the cat anyway. When they arrived home, and the carrier was opened, Cruiser decided that he was not comfortable with his surroundings and he darted under the bed. That was not unusual, because we felines get nervous in unfamiliar settings and go hiding where we can.

What was unusual is that when the human was playing with a tiny human, Cruiser looked at them from the balcony on the second floor. Then he jumped down, and hopped into the human’s lap

Ever since then, Crusier has been this human’s lap cat and good furiend. He did not start his adoption in a normal way, but it does not matter because he ended up with a good home!

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