Cat Saved After Cry in the Dark

It is always fun for me to share stories of happy cat rescues. When a feline who did not have a home finds one with humans who care for them, it makes me happy. And sometimes, the feline that is the center of the cat rescue does not want to be rescued.

One night, a human was coming home from going to the grocery store. Before they could get into their apartment, they heard a loud, sharp meow. It was coming from a swampy area near their apartment complex.

Beerus at Home after a Cat Rescue
Beerus at Home

It was the meow of a kitten needing help. And that is what this human did. They went to get a flashlight, and then went to look for the tiny feline. It took a while, but eventually, this human found the tiny feline who would be the center of this cat rescue story.

This feline did not want to go with the human. It may have been a tiny feline, but it put up a big fight. After some work and coaxing, this human was able to get a small, dirty, and very hungry kitten from a bush.

There were already three grown felines in the home, so the human who saved this kitten wanted to find a rescue or foster for him. In the meantime, they isolated the tiny feline, keeping him in the bathroom so that the other felines in the home would not get anything from him.

The humans in the home worked on socializing the feline, and gave him a bath. Furiends, this poor tiny feline was so dirty that the humans thought he was all black, but after cleaning him they found he had a grey undercoat.

After a week of being unable to place the tiny feline with a cat rescue group, the humans in the home talked about keeping him. And that is what they decided to do. They took their feline to the humans in white coats, and found out that in spite of being dirty, the feline was fine.

He has since been named Beerus and is starting to integrate himself into the home. The oldest feline likes him, the middle feline does not care, and the youngest does not. I am glad that this tiny feline was found by a human who decided they would complete a cat rescue!

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