June 12 Blood Sugar Readings

A lot has happened since I last told you about my blood sugar readings. We had an earthquake. Koji acted a lot better around Jacey but he inflicted wounds accidentally on the human because he was trying to play. And there were two human visitors who were given instructions on how to give me insulin shots. That makes me wonder what is going on.

Ear Sticks from Anyone But the Human Make Me Feel Like This
Ear Sticks from Anyone But the Human Make Me Feel Like This

Jacey, Koji and I do not know, but we are sure we will find out soon. I am glad that the human did not tell them how to give me ear sticks, because that is something I only tolerate from the human himself. Even the vet techs who used to help me did not dare to give those to me! The insulin shots do not bother me so much.

Speaking of insulin shots, they did a good job of keeping my blood sugar levels in a good spot last week. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 169. That is significantly lower than the 190 we saw last week. Furiends, it is low enough that the humans in white coats say that if I came in with a reading at that level, they wouldn’t even warn the human about me potentially becoming diabetic!

I am, of course, a diabetic cat, and the only way that my blood sugar levels stay here is with insulin. That is not much fun, but it is something that I have been dealing with for almost three years now.

I am fortunate to have a human who is so devoted to taking care of me that he will even get other humans to help him. I do not know why he has to get other humans to help, though. I am wondering if he is going to leave us for a while. I do not like that, because I miss the human when he goes away. Someone else has to be around to help me keep Jacey and Koji in line!

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