Blood Sugar Readings for June 26

Furiends, it is that time. I need to let you know about my blood sugar readings for the past week. But first, I will tell you about something funny that happened this morning.

Koji has been doing a lot better with Jacey these days. He generally leaves her alone, and when he does go to talk to her, if she yells at him and tells him to go away, he will slowly back off. I have not had to do much yelling at Koji recently because he gets the message from Jacey.

But today, he could not resist. Jacey had just stuck her head around the corner, and Koji came running over to say hello. Jacey was not happy, and she went into rabbit kicking position. Koji thought that was a sign to play and so he did.

I Did This to Koji
I Did This to Koji

Well, Jacey swatted Koji on the nose, and he did not like it. The human came over to break things up. I went over there, too. And Koji decided to walk away. But I was annoyed at Koji, so I swatted him. And then when the human walked by to, he needed to be punished for not protecting Jacey properly, so I swatted him, too!

This little scuffle took place after my blood sugar reading for the morning, so I do not know if it affect it. But still, Koji and the human got to see that I am not a feline to make angry!

My blood sugar readings for the week were okay, even though they went up a little from last week. For the week, they averaged 222, which is higher than last week’s 205 but still not bad. We are aiming to keep the average below 250. If my blood sugar readings average above 250 for an extended period, it is likely that I will suffer complications from diabetes. We do not want that!

I will let you know about my blood sugar readings for the week next Monday. Hopefully, there will not be any scuffles between Jacey and Koji that I have to break up. I also hope the human will behave so I do not have to swat him!

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