Every Cat Can Find a Good Home

Sometimes, felines get listed as difficult cats by cat rescue groups. I am living with one in my home right now. Koji’s antics and personality were too much for some humans. The cat rescue group who had him listed specific conditions for his adoption.

But while Koji may have been a challenging feline to place, he did not have to go go five foster homes before finding a furever home. That is what happened with a feline named Kitty. Before I tell you her story, I must tell you that I do not like the name her cat rescue group chose for her. Show some more creativity, humans!

Kitty Showing Her Playful Side
Kitty Showing Her Playful Side

Kitty is a lot like Koji. She is mischievous and playful, and her antics were too much for many humans. Her original humans surrendered her because of this. Then she went to five foster homes, where they all loved her but could not handle her mischievous nature.

But eventually, a human came along who could appreciate Kitty’s antics and playful nature. And when that human came along, they adopted her and took her home.

Kitty is very happy that the cat rescue group who worked to place her found a good place for her. And she is showing it by putting her personality on full display. Her human decided that her antics were so amusing that they would share them.

Kitty's Antics Are Amusing
Kitty’s Antics Are Amusing

They started an Instagram page for Kitty, and she has more than 30,000 followers who enjoy seeing her antics. Furiends, that is a lot of humans who love watching her play.

I am glad that the cat rescue group where Kitty was surrendered worked so hard to find the right home for her. And I am very happy that she is now in her furever home with a human who thinks what she does is fun and amusing!

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  1. We love this story and now are following Kitty on Instagram! Being we are kitties with various special needs like your family, we know what it feels like to be overlooked, unwanted and then feel the joy of finding the right human who understands and appreciates us. It is pawesome Kitty has a happy ending after such a difficult start in life. She reminds us a lot of your new brofur Koji- we love that they both have such personality!

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