Abused Cat Tommy Recovering

The ordeal my good furiend Lucky suffered through is one of the worst incidents of animal abuse I can imagine. He had a caustic substance dumped on him by an evil and cruel human. It took a long time for Lucky to recover, but thanks to the efforts of Homeless Animals Rescue Team and many humans who loved him, he is fine now.

Sadly, Lucky is not alone in suffering from this kind of animal abuse. A feline named Tommy had to endure this as well. Fortunately, the kind humans at Milo’s Sanctuary were able to help him. A kind human brought Tommy to the cat rescue group. where he was immediately taken to the humans in white coats. There, treatment of his injuries started right away.

The humans in white coats at Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital gave poor Tommy pain medication, gave him an IV to help him hydrate, and administered antibiotics. Then they debrided his wounds, which can be a very painful process. When they did this, they learned that Tommy’s outer eyelid had been burnt off, but the eye was intact. So they sewed his third eyelid shut in order to protect his eye for now.

I will not show you pictures of Tommy’s injuries, furiends, because they are very graphic and disturbing. It is very sad and infuriating that there are evil humans who would do this to a poor feline!

Tommy Recovering From the Animal Abuse he Suffered
Tommy Recovering From the Animal Abuse he Suffered

What is important is that Tommy is now recovering from these injuries. It will take a long time for him to recover. But when that time comes, if he can, he will be sent to a good home. And if not, Milo’s Sanctuary will continue to care for him. If you want to help Milo’s Sanctuary do this, please send green paper things their way.

Tommy’s story, like Lucky’s before, reminds us that we must all work very hard to stop animal abuse.┬áReport animal abuse right away by calling the humans with badges if you cannot stop it yourself!

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