Sasha Is a Survivor

We felines are tough and resilient. But sometimes, we need help from humans so that we can thrive. For one formerly feral feline, a kind human’s cat rescue was what she needed to do this. Her name is Sasha.

Sasha was living — barely — with her brofur in an abandoned building that was once a small town’s hospital. The building was in bad shape. It had many broken windows and doors that did not work.This was not a good place for a feline, but it is the best that many feral cats could do.

One day, a kind human saw Sasha and her brofur walk outside to join their mother, a feral cat well known to cat rescue groups. Sasha and her brofur were tiny felines, and they were so small they could barely walk. The cat rescue groups that worked with the feral population put extra noms out so that these tiny felines could get some nourishment.

After many years of neglect, the building’s owner finally decided to do something, and they boarded up the building. One of the unintended consequences was to separate the tiny felines from their mother. The poor mother was at the door she typically used, meowing very loudly because she could not help her kittens.

Humans from the cat rescue group that was caring for the feral population immediately called to get access to the building, They were able to trap Sasha very quickly, but her brofur took longer to get. These two felines were only three weeks old! Because he had been without noms and care for longer, Sasha’s brofur did not make it. But Sasha did.

Sasha Is Thriving After her Cat Rescue
Sasha Is Thriving After her Cat Rescue

The human who carried out this cat rescue says that Sasha is now a beloved member of their family. They say she retains some feral traits but the thing they admire the most about Sasha is her spirit. That fighting spirit kept her alive until the cat rescue could happen. And she has not lost it!

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