Blood Sugar Readings for July 17

Hello, furiends. It has been an interesting week around here, and those things could have affected my blood sugar readings. The human got sick, and Jacey, Koji and I did what we could to make him feel better. We obviously love the human, but we were most concerned that he would not be able to give us any noms if he got sicker!

Koji Being a Silly Boy
Koji Being a Silly Boy

And things seem to be getting better between Koji and Jacey. Now, when Koji walks in to the bathroom to see Jacey, he announces that he is coming. He gives her friendly meows to say that he is coming into her space.

Jacey still does not like this, however. When Koji gets too close to her, she will growl and hiss at him. But Koji also knows not to pounce on Jacey, because he will just stand there looking at her until the human tells him to leave. Sometimes, the human does not even have to say anything. He will just point to the door and Koji will walk out.

I do not have to really get involved anymore! I think this is good for my blood sugar readings. It is not good for me to have to run over and yell at Koji to leave Jacey alone!

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 190. This is lower than last week, when they averaged 223. We missed one reading, and that was on the day the human was sick. But that is okay, because we have enough to get an average that will give us an idea of what is happening.

One concern the human has is that there have been a lot of low readings. He is concerned that these may lead to me getting very sick. That is why he is reducing my dose slightly, to three units instead of four. We will see how that affects my blood sugar levels for the next week and decide what to do.

I will let you know how this experiment goes next week. But if we can reduce my dose of insulin, that is good news!


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