Over 60 Cats Found in Home and Van

It is always difficult for me to share stories about hoarding situations. Often, the humans who hoard felines start with good intentions. But then they take things too far and they end up with more felines than they can handle. After that happens, the humans with badges must step in to help the felines and humans involved.

Near where I used to live, that is what happened. Police arrived at a home after they received a tip about too many felines living in a home. When they arrived, they found 63 cats living in the home and in a van located near the home.

Among the 63 cats found on the site were 27 kittens. Around 20 cats lived in the home. Approximately 20 cats and 30 kittens lived in a van located near the home.

One of 63 Cats in a Horrible Hoarding Situation
One of 63 Cats in a Horrible Hoarding Situation

According to the Washington Humane Society and Washington Animal Rescue League, the felines suffered from “deplorable conditions.” The place smelled like urine, and there were feces found all over the place. With so many felines to care for, the litter boxes were very dirty.

Many felines in the two places were fighting off upper respiratory infections. In addition, most of them did not have access to enough noms. And those living the van suffered from the hot conditions there. I am very sad that my fellow felines had to live like this.

What is even more sad is that the two humans who housed these felines under such horrible conditions managed to get away. And they took 20 cats with them! These poor animals could not escape the horrible conditions they were enduring.

Humans in white coats examined the felines who were pulled from the site. Those who needed treatment received it right away. All of the felines will get the time they need to recover. Then they will be available for adoption.

I am hopeful that these felines will find good homes. They deserve them after enduring such horrible conditions.

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