Blood Sugar Readings for July 24

Hello, kind humans. I saw that many of you gave green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need. Enough of you contributed and mentioned me to make the human have to send $250 to them as a match. The human is very happy to do this. It means that more diabetic cats like me will be able to get the help they need to keep their blood sugar under control.

Please Help Diabetic Cats in Need
Please Help Diabetic Cats in Need

The human was very busy for the past few days. Usually in the morning, the human will relax and play with us felines for a little while before he goes to work. But for the past four days, he would give us noms, shower, eat his noms, and then go! We did not understand this, so I asked him about it. He told me there was a big convention where people dress in costumes. Many of these people love felines, so he was quite busy showing off the felines at his work.

Do not think that this means the human did not give us lots of love. He was always around to give us noms and to give me my insulin. And he did give me the ear sticks I need in order to make sure my blood sugar levels are okay.

For the week, my blood sugar levels went up a little. They averaged 214, which is a little up from the 190 we saw last week. But that is not too bad. It is still below the level that will cause problems over the long term. And what is good is that we did not see any really low readings that made the human worry about me.

The human does not mind that monitoring my blood sugar levels will be a lifelong job for him. He hopes that it will be something he has to do for many years to come.

We will see how the lower insulin dose affects my blood sugar readings over the next week. Then we will decide if it works or if we need to adjust my dosing again. I will let you know how it is going next week!

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