Diabetic Cats In Need Hits Goal

Furiends, I told you about Diabetic Cats in Need and their Purrathon. They needed many green paper things in order to help them replenish their bank accounts after caring for many felines. I told the human he had to help, and that is why he agreed to do a dollar for dollar match up to $250.

I have good news for you, furiends. The human will pay out all of his pledge. And Diabetic Cats in Need managed to reach their goal of $10,000 for the Purrathon.

Diabetic Cats in Need Helped Geronimo
Diabetic Cats in Need Helped Geronimo

This means that Diabetic Cats in Need can continue to help felines like Geronimo. Geronimo’s humans did not have enough green paper things to take care of him. Because of this, they were ready to give him up after many years. But then, they learned about Diabetic Cats in Need and how they could get help with supplies.

These humans were ecstatic that they were able to keep their feline, who they loved very much. They were happy they did not have to surrender Geronimo to a shelter, where he would go into a cage and not have his humans around to play with.

Thanks to Diabetic Cats in Need, Geronimo got the supplies he needed and his humans received the training they needed to help fight his diabetes. Now, after a few dietary changes, Geronimo is close to not requiring insulin anymore. He is a lucky feline, furiends! I would love to not need insulin.

More important is how without Diabetic Cats in Need, Geronimo would have gone to a shelter. He would have been given a chance to thrive if he lived near me, since diabetes is a treatable condition. But many places do not have shelters like that, and unless a very kind human stepped up quickly, Geronimo would not have been able to go to a good home.

Stories like Geronimo’s are why I am so happy Diabetic Cats in Need’s Purrathon was a success!

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