Diabetic Cat Sam Needs a Home

Furiends, being a diabetic cat is no fun even when you have a human who will take good care of you. Can you imagine what it is like to be a diabetic cat who lives outside, and who has no humans to help?

Sam was living like that for a while. He was a feral cat living outside, and kind humans helped give him noms and water. They noticed that he was not doing well, and they took him to the humans in white coats.

Diabetic Cat Sam Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Sam Needs a Home

When Sam arrived, he was immediately treated and nursed back to health by the white coated humans. They learned he was diabetic. Lots of things fell into place once that happened. Sam’s sluggish nature? Fully explained. And his unquenchable thirst? It was the diabetes.

Sam initially showed all the signs that feral cats show to humans. He did not want to be handled, and he was scared of humans. But now, he loves to interact with humans. He likes nothing more than to be pet and given lots of love.

My fellow diabetic cat receives one shot of insulin per day, and he also gets special dry noms. He is a loving and happy cat. All Sam wants is a warm bed, noms, water, and a human to play with him. When Sam gets these things, he loves to purr and give head bonks.

During his time at the humans in white coats, Sam has been living in a cage. I am sure he does not like this. He tolerates it, but he would much prefer a home of his own where he has lots of room to be a cat!

Sam lives in Roselle, New Jersey. If you can help this diabetic cat find a home, please contact the humans in white coats where he is living. You can contact Elizabeth Veterinary Clinic and let them know you are interested in Sam.

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