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Michigan Cat Rescue does a lot of good for so many felines. They are a small organization, but many felines owe their lives to the kind humans who volunteer there.

I recently learned about Honey, who they are helping find a furever home. Honey lived in a cemetery until she was found by a kind human. Scared, hungry, and alone, poor Honey needed help. Sadly, some cruel humans, who had promised to love and care for Honey, dumped her there. But a kind human found her and she made her way to Michigan Cat Rescue.

The humans in white coats examined her, and found out that she was okay. She just needed some noms and a place where she could feel safe. Then, they said, she would recover and be able to go to a furever home.

Michigan Cat Rescue Is Looking for a Home for Honey
Michigan Cat Rescue Is Looking for a Home for Honey

Honey is now living with a foster human, who she loves very much. But she wonders if a kind human is ever going to love her and take good care of her. You cannot blame her. After being abandoned one time, Honey worries it will happen again.

Honey is a young feline, only five months old. No feline should have to go through what she did, but a cute tiny feline especially should not have had to! And she is not a mean feline or one who will drive humans nuts. She is playful, friendly, and very loving.

Michigan Cat Rescue made sure that Honey got all of her shots and that she does not have FIV or FeLV. She uses her litter box perfectly and loves to play on her scratching post. Furiends, she is a wonderful small feline looking for a good home!

Can you help Michigan Cat Rescue and give her that home? If you can, please fill out the adoption application on their website. If you cannot, please share Honey’s story so that others can.

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