Blood Sugar Readings for August 14

Hello, furiends. I hope you have enjoyed the stories I have shared with you about Gus Gus, the kind humans at Hope for Paws, and Batman over the past few days. Now, it is time for me to tell you all about my blood sugar readings.

This week, we are missing blood sugar readings on a few days. You see, the human forgot to get me the lancets we need to test my blood sugar levels. I did not miss those ear stick very much. But I need to get them in order for my blood sugar levels to be monitored. So I was not happy with the human.

Do not worry, furiends. The human paid for his mistake. I expected to get the ear stick, and when it did not come, the human got a swat for disturbing me when I was nomming. Isn’t it cool how we feline adapt? I used to swat the human if he attempted to give me the ear sticks needed to monitor my blood sugar levels. Now, if I do not get them when I expect them, I swat him!

I Did This to the Human for Missing Some Blood Sugar Tests
I Did This to the Human for Missing Some Blood Sugar Tests

We felines like to keep our humans on our toes, don’t we? Between me, Jacey, and Koji, the human definitely needs to be ready for just about anything!

That is good practice for managing a diabetic cat’s blood sugar levels, because there were some very wild fluctuations in them this week. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 214. That is higher than the 199 we saw last week, but it is not too bad. And remember, we were missing some readings.

This meant that a few high readings affected my blood sugar average more than normal. Normally, we have additional readings to bring my average back down. This week, we did not.

I will let you know about my blood sugar levels next week. And the human has learned his lesson and will make sure that I am tested like I should be.

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