Michigan Cat Rescue Helping Lila

Michigan Cat Rescue does a lot of good for my fellow felines. They are a small cat rescue group which accomplishes a lot despite not having a lot of resources. And now, they are seeking a new home for a feline that they adopted in the past.

You might be thinking, but Bagheera, why are they looking for a new home if they already helped this cat? Well, that is because there is a sad story behind the quest to find Lila a new home.

Lila, you see, was adopted two years ago. She loved the human who adopted her, and her human loved her. And for two years, these two enjoyed spending time together and showering each other with affection.

Michigan Cat Rescue Is Seeking a Home for Lila
Michigan Cat Rescue Is Seeking a Home for Lila

Sadly, though, Lila’s human got sick. She did not have much time left. After a final goodbye, her human gave Lila to Michigan Cat Rescue. Soon after that goodbye, Lila’s human left us.  Lila is of course very sad that she lost her human. But she is fortunate in some ways, because Michigan Cat Rescue is committed to helping her find another good home.

Lila was very grateful to have had the chance to thrive in the first place, since she came from a high kill shelter. Now she needs another chance to thrive.

At three, Lila will have a lot of love and life to share with her next human. She is a healthy and happy cat. Michigan Cat Rescue will make sure she is current on vaccinations before they adopt her out. An affectionate cat, Lila loves to attack her scratching post. Lila may prefer a home of her own, since she has always been an only cat.

Can you help Lila find the home she needs? If you can, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue. And if you cannot, please share her story so that others can.

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