September 11 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends! I am a happy feline today because the human came back late last night. Jacey and I told Koji that when the human who was staying with us left, it meant the human was coming back soon. Koji was still nervous, because he does not like it when the human is not around. Jacey and I do not like it either, but we tolerate it better.

I do not have as many blood sugar readings as I normally do this week. When the human was away, the human who stayed with us did not take them. I did not mind, because I do not enjoy getting my ear sticks. What is important is that I got my insulin shots to keep my blood sugar levels under control.

Minion Is a Diabetic Cat Who Lives with the Human's Parents
Minion Is a Diabetic Cat Who Lives with the Human’s Parents

When the human was away, he got to visit the diabetic cat who lives with his parents! You can see that Minion is a big boy from the picture. The human says that Minion purred for a good hour when he arrived, and that he flopped over many times at the human’s feet. Silly Minion even let the human pet his stomach!

Minion’s blood sugar levels are well under control. His levels average around 60-70, which means that if he had not previously been diagnosed as diabetic, the humans in white coats would not even know it!

I am hopeful that someday my blood sugar levels will be like his. For this week, though, they averaged 177. These blood sugar levels are not as low as Minion’s, but they are better than the 213 we saw last week.

Who knows, maybe having the human around this week will help my blood sugar levels stay where we like them. I will let you know all about them next Monday, instead of Tuesday like this week. Blame the human!

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