A Human Says Cats Can Be Trained

Furiends, you know that the human tried to get Koji to walk in a harness. He also got me to endure the ear sticks and needle shots that are part of treating a diabetic cat. And Jacey learned there are things she cannot do unless she wants the human to get mad at her.

The human did not make an special effort to teach us these things. Instead, he showed us that if we acted in certain ways we would be rewarded. I do not think the human wants to train us, but if he wanted to, I suppose he could.


According to the human who wrote a book called The Trainable Cat, felines can learn how to do things like come on command, take medicine, and not wake their humans up when they want noms.

Now I am sure you know that giving us noms when we felines do something you want us to do is a good reward. But according to the human who wrote the book, you do not need to do this every time. In fact, it is better if you only do give us noms occasionally!

Also, you should remember that punishing us felines does not get us to act in ways you like. When you punish a feline, if you do not do it right away, we do not learn that the behavior you want to stop is bad. We do learn, however, that you are a human who does things we do not like to us.

What you end up with is a feline who does not stop the behavior and who sees the human administering the punishment as an unpleasant giant. That is not what you want!

Humans with felines should listen to the full interview, because it is very entertaining! You will enjoy it.

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