Cat Chooses Soldier to Be His Human

The human tells me that you humans like to say that felines choose their humans as much as you choose us. And, I think this is true. After all, most humans would have said no to me after I bit them when they put me in a box, but not mine. He liked that I was feisty even as a tiny mitten kitten!

And if you did not think that this is true, Salem’s story should change your mind. Salem lives in Romania, and he did not have a home. All that changed one day, when Salem decided that a deployed solider would make a good human. How did Salem show this soldier that he had been selected?

By hopping into the soldier’s helmet and falling asleep.

Salem Chose His Human By Sleeping in This Helmet
Salem Chose His Human By Sleeping in This Helmet

I picked up this kitten weeks ago and he followed me to the barracks where we live, in a semi-abandoned base,” said this soldier. He added, “This little guy just took a liking to me.”

Now, Salem has become what the human calls a puppy cat, following the human he chose all around. He hops onto his human’s lap for affection and shows that we felines truly believe that if we fits, we sits. Salem often chooses his human’s helmet as a place to nap.

Salem shows his love for his human by hopping into his lap as soon as his human sits down. He gives his human the affection he needs to remind him of home, and his human wants to return the favor.

With about a month and a half left in his deployment, Salem’s soldier is seeking help. He wants to bring Salem home with him. “My wife and I would love to give this little guy a warm home to live in,” says this human.

I am hopeful that Salem’s soldier will be able to take him home with him. I know that other deployed troops have been able to take felines that they loved home with them. And hopefully, Salem will get that help, too!

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