September 18 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I will tell you about my blood sugar readings today, like I normally do. I apologize for not telling you about them on Monday last week, but the human forgot to bring the things he needed in order to do this when he went away for a few days. Did you enjoy the stories I shared with you about the soldier who had a feline adopt him, and Bart the Zombie cat over the weekend?

Jacey, Koji and I Looked Like This Last Night
Jacey, Koji and I Looked Like This Last Night

Last night, at around 3 AM, we felines and humans were startled out of our sleep. There were many loud noises, and we did not know what they were. The human looked out the window, saw the lightning and told us all to go back to sleep. But since Koji was up, he decided that he wanted to play.

The human wanted to go back to sleep, but Koji did not let him! Koji went running around the home. He played with our catnip cigar, and then attacked the rope toy. Because all of this activity made a lot of noise, the human could not go to sleep until Koji finished.

The human was grouchy this morning, but my blood sugar readings should cheer him up. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 216. This is higher than the 177 we saw last week, but remember, we did not have as many tests as we normally do because the human was away.

We had some blood sugar readings that concerned the human. You can see after a few tests, the human did not give me any insulin. He was concerned that I might go into hypoglycemia if he did, because the readings were too low. Remember, it is better to let my blood sugar levels go too high for a few days than to have them too low.

I will tell you about my blood sugar levels again next Monday.

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