Koji Continues to Improve

I hope I do not jinx the progress that Koji has made recently, furiends. But I feel that I must tell you he is making a lot of progress. He still annoys Jacey, but lately, he is starting to listen to her a lot better.

Koji Relaxing
Koji Relaxing

Today, Koji went into the bathroom several times. The human and I were ready to intervene, but we did not need to. When Jacey started to yell at him, the human went into the bathroom to check. Koji did not make any aggressive moves towards Jacey. Instead of doing that, Koji sat there quietly and allowed Jacey to yell at him.

One time, Koji went into the bathroom to use the litter box. Jacey was not happy about this, and she complained. The human walked in, and he saw that Koji was doing his business in Jacey’s litter box, and he sighed.┬áBut Koji was actually good about it, covering up the waste he left. In the past, he has left it there so that Jacey has to endure his scent until the human cleans it up.

Jacey is also doing better. The human takes her out of the bathroom and puts her on the bed for a few minutes each day. He will pet her, talk to her, and make sure that Koji does not get too close to her. Eventually, Jacey wants to retreat to her safe spot, and she will run back into the bathroom.

Koji even hopped onto the top of the shower door a few times, and this made Jacey very angry. Because she was yelling so loudly, the human went to break up a potential fight. But Koji seems to want to show Jacey he does not want to hurt her. He very gently reached out with his paw, even though she was yelling at him. The human told him to leave Jacey alone, and he did.

I do not know if this means that Koji and Jacey will become furiends, but it is good that Koji is not being so rambunctious with Jacey. It is progress, furiends!

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