Two Tiny Felines Saved from Dumpster

Two tiny felines managed to find their way into a locked dumpster by a construction site. Fortunately for them, their cries for help were heard. Two humans from LA Animal Rescue carried out a complicated cat rescue.

First, these humans put cameras on long poles to try to locate the tiny felines. They needed to do this because the dumpster was full of construction debris. That did not matter to the humans carrying out this cat rescue. They wanted to see it through.


The first kitten in this cat rescue was not too difficult to save. After spotting a tiny black kitten, the humans were able to use a pole with a loop to rescue him. Now, the challenge the humans from LA Animal Rescue faced was how to help the other feline.

This feline, you see, was much more difficult to help. He stuck his head out to meow for help, and this made the humans carrying out this cat rescue even more determined to complete it.

The humans carrying out the cat rescue made a difficult decision and they opened up the dumpster. They did not want to do this, because there was a risk that all of the debris would fall on the feline. But they used a power saw to cut open the lock securing the dumpster. They needed access to the inside of the dumpster to save the feline.

This Feline's Cat Rescue Was Difficult
This Feline’s Cat Rescue Was Difficult

After cutting the lock open, the pair from LA Animal Rescue used their tools to save the second feline. It took some work, but the kind humans involved the in cat rescue succeeded.

Now these felines are safe in foster care. Because they are so young, they are getting bottle fed and seeing the humans in white coats for medical care. This is a long way from being stuck in a dumpster, furiends! And it is all because two kind humans from LA Animal Rescue saw this cat rescue through.

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