September 25 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone! It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. It has been very hot over the past few days. Before we moved into the home where we like now, that would likely have caused my blood sugar levels to go up. The human tells me we do not have to worry about that as much now because we have something called air conditioning in our home.

I Feel Bad for Felines Who Must Do This
I Feel Bad for Felines Who Must Do This

Another thing that helps keep things cool around the home is the way Koji is acting around Jacey. Do not get me wrong, he still annoys her. But now, instead of pouncing on her and trying to play, he will slowly approach her and if she tells him to stop, he will back away. And Jacey is getting better, too. Koji has to be very close to her for her to get angry at him.

Koji is acting better with me, too. He still ambushes me, and I yell at him for doing it. But he has learned to stop play fighting with me before it gets too serious. The human does not need to step in to shoo him away from me anymore.

All of this did not seem to have much of an effect on my blood sugar levels. For the week, they averaged 208. That is down from last week’s reading of 216, but the difference is small enough to be just normal fluctuations in my blood sugar.

These blood sugar readings are a little higher than we want them to be. Ideally, we would see my blood sugar levels averaging between 150 and 200. Now, I know you will say that the difference between 200 and 208 is not much. You are smart humans for saying that, but we would still like to see them a little lower.

Hopefully, that is the news I will share with you next week when I tell you about my blood sugar levels.

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