Tenth Life Helping Special Needs Cat Selkie

Because I am a special needs cat, I am always happy when I hear about organizations like Tenth Life helping other cats like me. And that is why I want to share Selkie’s story with you.

Selkie was born in May to a mother that was living as a stray. Soon, humans caring for Selkie realized that she was different. She did not use her hind legs in the same way as her siblings. A trip to the humans in white coats confirmed this was because of medical issues.

Selkie, you see, was born with abnormalities in her skeletal and muscular system. These abnormalities prevent her from feeling or using her hind legs.

Special Needs Cat Selkie
Special Needs Cat Selkie

But Selkie does not let this slow her down. Like my good furiend Anakin, who was born without hind legs, she is full of love and life. Selkie uses her front paws to move around like a seal and she is just as playful as you would expect a kitten her age to be. She even chases around the older felines!

Tenth Life thinks that Selkie will be a good candidate for a wheeled cart when she gets older. This special needs girl also wears a diaper, because she sometimes will lose control of her bladder when she is playing. She will also need help in eliminating all of the waste in her bladder, because she cannot do this on her own.

Selkie loves to chase around string toys, and she is a loving and sweet cat. Now she needs someone who will see past her issues. Just because a special needs cat requires more care and attention, there is nothing wrong with their ability to love and be loved.

Please contact Tenth Life if you want to give Selkie a home. And if you cannot take her home, please share her story so that she can find a good home.

I am glad that Tenth Life is caring for this kind feline, and hope she goes home soon!

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2 Replies to “Tenth Life Helping Special Needs Cat Selkie”

  1. I am lucky to say me and my Wife are Selkies Parents now. She is purrfect in all ways. We love her. She is just like any other cat. She plays she loves…she doesnt know her back legs dont work. She is so full of life and we love taking care of her.

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