October 16 Blood Sugar Readings

Furiends, I am sorry that the catputer ate the post I had for you yesterday. I was not happy with it! I wanted to swat it many times, but the human told me that it would cost many green paper things to replace. So I did not do that.

It is good, because the catputer is behaving today. That is why I will tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week and share a funny story about my crazy brofur Koji.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 239. This was higher than the 201 we saw the week before, and it is higher than the human and I like. You see, we want to be sure that my blood sugar readings average below 250. If they are above 250 for a long time, that can cause problems.

Do not worry, though. The human will work hard to make sure my blood sugar levels get better. If we have to slightly increase my insulin dose, that will be okay. Remember, I used to get six units of insulin. If we go up to 3.5 units, that is fine.

Crazy Koji With a Rope Toy
Crazy Koji With a Rope Toy

You humans say that laughter is a very good medicine, and my crazy brofur Koji did something that made me laugh. On Sunday night, the human heard a noise outside late in the night, and he opened the door a little to see what was going on. He was sleepy, so he did not think about Koji trying to sneak out.

And that is what Koji did! He sneaked out the door and ran down the hall. The human wanted to yell at Koji to come back, but he could not because he would have annoyed the other humans living around us. Koji ran down to the corner, and the human chased him. As soon as the human got close, Koji ran down the hallway again. This repeated until the two had completed a whole loop of the floor.

When Koji got to the front door, he plopped down and waited for the human. The he meowed a couple of times, as if he was telling the human “this was fun!” The human opened the door, put Koji inside, and went back to sleep. But when the door closed he said some words that I will not repeat here.

It was quite funny for me and Koji and we shared a laugh about it!

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